Market Maker Stock Market Card Game
  • The Stock Market Trading Game

    Market Maker

    Market Maker® is the fun and challenging poker-style game that lets you Play the Market without risking your life savings! Perfect for gamers, high school and college students, investment clubs, active traders, and poker fans!

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  • Play the Physical Card Game

    Tabletop Cards

    News headlines on the cards move the stock price up and down. Set a target price for the stock then buy low and sell high to profit at your opponents' expense. Everyone who profits is a winner!

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  • Take the basic solo game with you

    Mobile App

    Play our patented stock trading game against computer opponents with our Android app, now available in your favorite app store:

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  • Learn How the Stock Market Works


    Market Maker is now available for classroom, organization, and corporate learning! Our tutorials and online competitions are more educational and fun than the usual random stock-picking contests!

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Rules & Downloads

*New* simpler card game rules!
Keep score with poker chips!

More fun! Easier scoring! Based on your feedback, we created new instructions that are easier to understand! Use these instead of the instructions in the deck to Play the Market™!
Easier Instructions and FAQs
Visual Tutorial Infographic
Easy web app helps new players make bid/ask offers based on their Target Price

PDF scoresheet, if you don't have poker chips

Quick Overview

Watch this 1-minute video to see the game in action!

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Financial Education

Market Maker is now available for classroom learning!

Called "dramatically better than the usual stock picking game," our tutorials, card decks, and web game have been used in New Jersey, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Texas to teach the mechanics of financial markets in a fun, engaging way!
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