Dolly's Bookworm: The Book-Lovers' Game of Hide and Seek!

  • Dolly's Bookworm!

    Find the Bookworm hiding in a bookshelf of over 60 fairy tales and classic stories! Children play and learn as they try to find which book is hiding the Bookworm!

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    Dolly’s Bookworm Puzzle is a fun solo game for kids and parents, featuring 75 questions, 100 levels, and 14 shelves filled with over 60 books to choose from! Let Dolly's Bookworm help give your kids a love of books and reading!

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  • Dolly's Kickstarter

    View the successful Kickstarter project that brought 11-year-old Dolly's game to life! View the origins of the game and read the updates to see how the game was developed with the strong support of 100 amazing backers!

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Dolly's Story

Dolly's Bookworm was invented by an 11-year-old girl, Dolly P.!Dolly created the game to share the love of books with her beloved Grampy and with other children around the world. Positive feedback from professional game designers led to the successful Kickstarter, with the help of Pickle Hopped Games! Our printing partner, AdMagic, provided great art and publishing support. Secret Builders and Folio3 created our mobile app. Dolly's Bookworm was a Kickstarter "Staff Pick" and was selected for the 2014 Boston Festival of Indie Games. The tabletop game first shipped in Q2 2015.